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                      June 15, 2020
21st Mortgage Corporation
v. Richard A. Hooper, et al.
Civil Action No. 20-CI-00031

370 Summers Loop, Dawson Springs

Deed Book 489, Page 209
PVA Map No. MAP-32-37
Judgement: $132,550.47
Appraisal:  $78,000.00
Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC
v. Shawn Steward Cope, et al.
Civil Action No. 19-CI-00359

127 Alvin Drive, Madisonville

Deed Book 756, Page 504
PVA Map No. M-34-1-17
Judgement: $66,657.31
Independence Bank of Kentucky
v. Brenda D. Blankenship, et al.
Civil Action No. 20-CI-00013

233 Alvey Drive, Madisonville

Deed Book 588, Page 474
PVA Map No. M-24-3-14
Judgement: $16,554.52
Appraisal: $38,000.00
City of Earlington, Kentucky
v. Wayne Brewster, et al.
Civil Action No. 19-CI-00369

312 West Main Street, Earlington

Deed Book 694, Page 108
PVA Map No. M-26-4-2
Judgement: $1,650.00
Appraisal:  $500.00
City of Earlington, Kentucky
v. Gregory Matchem, et al.
Civil Action No. 19-CI-00665

310 East Farren Avenue, Earlington

Deed Book 712, Page 698
PVA Map No. M-26-31-4
Judgement: $1,057.89
Appraisal: $500.00